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Fort Walton Beach And Destin Probate Administration Lawyers Serving The Florida Panhandle

The attorneys at Fleet, Smith & Freeman — guiding clients in Fort Walton Beach and throughout the Florida Panhandle through the probate administration process for more than 60 combined years.

Guiding Clients Seamlessly Through The Probate Administration Process

The person responsible for managing the decedent’s estate during the probate process is the personal representative. Personal representatives have many duties. Failure to meet these responsibilities can expose you to liability.

As a personal representative, you are responsible for documenting and securing all of the assets in the estate — including personal property, real estate, investment accounts and insurance policies — identifying potential heirs, notifying creditors, paying off the debts of the estate and submitting the estate to probate.

Navigating the probate process alone can be overwhelming. At Fleet, Smith & Freeman, we help guide personal representatives through the probate process in the most efficient and effective manner possible and ensure all of your duties as personal representative are met.

Our lawyers work closely with personal representatives to provide them with as much or as little support as they need. Our firm is more than happy to assist in the duties assigned to the personal representative or simply provide advice and counsel to personal representatives as they fulfill the responsibilities on their own. We also represent personal representatives and beneficiaries during fiduciary and probate litigation.

At Fleet, Smith & Freeman, we also help personal representatives account for all of the estate’s assets and debts and develop property distribution plans that are in line with will and trust documents.

Trust Administration Attorneys Serving Destin, Crestview And Okaloosa County

Trust administration is very similar to probate administration. Our attorneys help personal representatives fund any trusts created by the deceased’s estate plan and help trustees during the administration of the trust.

Contact Experienced Probate Attorneys

At Fleet, Smith & Freeman, we don’t base our fees on the size of the estate. Instead, our fees are based on the work we do. No matter how large the probate estate, you will only pay for actual work done on your behalf. Contact our Fort Walton Beach probate attorneys for help with probate and trust administration. Call our offices at 850-651-4006.