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Fleet, Smith & Freeman

Fort Walton Beach And Destin Will And Trust Litigation Lawyers Serving The Florida Panhandle

During probate administration or the administration of a trust, disputes can erupt. Unfortunately, these disputes are commonly between family members.

Located near Fort Walton Beach, Fleet, Smith & Freeman, represents beneficiaries of wills and trusts, personal representatives and trustees throughout the Florida Panhandle during probate and trust litigation and will contest disputes. Our lawyers thoroughly examine the circumstances giving rise to the dispute to develop strategic legal responses that help clients resolve their disputes in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Destin Fiduciary Litigation Attorneys Serving Crestview And Okaloosa County

At Fleet, Smith & Freeman, we help clients contest the validity of wills and hold trustees responsible for their wrongful behavior.

Every move a trustee makes must be done so with the purpose of protecting and advancing the beneficiaries’ best interests. Unfortunately, sometimes trustees, either knowingly or mistakenly, do not live up to these duties. In these cases, we help beneficiaries enforce their legal rights, seek reimbursement for bad investment decisions, and petition the court to appoint a new trustee.

Wills are meant to represent the deceased’s final wishes and courts take direction regarding property division and monetary distributions seriously. However, beneficiaries and other interested parties may contest the validity of the will in an attempt to change the way property is distributed.

Litigation is often expensive and time-consuming. If we can resolve your dispute out of court — through negotiation, mediation or settlement — we will. However, if a courtroom battle is necessary, we will be the strong courtroom advocates you need to protect your rights and your financial interests.

Representing Personal Representatives And Trustees During Will And Trust Disputes

Personal representatives and trustees have many responsibilities. As a trustee, you must manage the trust assets, invest trust money and make trust distributions for the benefit of the named beneficiaries. You must also treat all beneficiaries impartially during your dealings. Failure to live up to these responsibilities is a breach of duty, and you may be held personally liable.

If you have been accused of breaching your duties as a trustee or personal representative, you need smart, experienced attorneys working on your side. At Fleet, Smith & Freeman, we help personal representatives and trustees defend against claims of wrongdoing, and protect themselves against financial and legal liability.

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